Finance Director roles are complex at the best of times and they are particularly interesting to recruit.

Often the FD is the best-armed in a business in terms of hard facts as opposed to ‘gut feeling’ in decision-making. They must balance the vision and desire to grow the business with the steadiness of pace around the key financial challenges concerning capital growth, mergers and acquisitions, financing and investment cycles.

The ownership of a business has a critical impact on the finance role. An FD with one eye on the exit for PE backers will encounter a different set of challenges than an FD of a plc or family owned company.

Relationships, of course, remain key. As the ‘right-hand person’ of the CEO, the CFO/FD must be able to offer support in equal measure to provide challenge and robust debate.

A strong FD will focus on the different aspects of the business plan that each individual stakeholder is interested in and they will use that skill to drive business performance.