The Consumer sector has traditionally led the way in developing exceptional sales and marketing talent.

Competition for the sales and marketing leaders of the future is strong and with direct commercial experience in this area Finlay Gardener can tap into a network of the highest calibre sales and marketing professionals.

Our experience has demonstrated that the best candidates show breadth of sector experience and can be flexible within UK and international markets.


Successful Sales Directors have worked across a variety of grocery, out of home, convenience and wholesale, and, most importantly, have a good knowledge of how digital transformation has and will continue to affect their markets.


Brand marketing provides the foundation to most career-marketers, but increasingly we see a requirement to have breadth across Consumer Insights, Customer Marketing, Ecommerce, and Digital Marketing. The pace of change in this functional area is significant and whilst the power of a brand appeals to a consumer, advances in technology and innovation are now playing a much greater part in defining the winners and losers in the market.